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A more engaging website experience, like never before

Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) was established in 2001. The vision of the organization is to establish Hong Kong as a prime regional centre of design knowledge. A wide variety of programmes comprising design-related seminars, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, forums, publications, awards and others were held to promote design awareness and appreciation, to celebrate design excellence, to educate the design, business and public service communities, and to nurture design-preneurs and design start-ups.

Website is a major medium for HKDC to promote the design knowledge and draw attention from the globe. Previously, only the homepage of HKDC’s website was supported with Adobe Flash Player, the other pages could not be navigated or with broken links. In the digital era, online interactivity is highly emphasized, thus, Creativeworks has revamped the website of HKDC. Revamping the website is a great way to boost conversions, improve visitor experience, and attract more potential target audience. “Design matters. Like never before.” said by Dr. Edmund Lee, the Executive Director of HKDC. In light of this, a better website structure was built on HKDC’s website with more design-wise layouts and interactive features.

Engaging homepage, motion attracts eyeballs

The revamped homepage is more engaging than before. The homepage is now embedded with different short video clips. A static object does not have the same effect as an object in motion. Motion attracts attention, the more attention we capture from our site visitors and the higher likelihood that they will remember the website or have a better experience.

Hong Kong Design Centre website homepage

Interactive timeline, history becomes lively

In most of the websites of organizations or corporates, when it comes to “History” or “Our Story” sections, it often makes people feel bored to read the years and lengthy content. We revamped the website and we also rejuvenated the history of HKDC. By adding a scrollable timeline, visitors can interact with the website, making it more lively and interesting for visitors to learn about what HKDC has been through.

HKDC timeline page

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